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What is Better Together?


Better Together is an intergenerational program that connects younger and older generations through group activities or projects they both enjoy.


Why should I get involved?


There are many researched benefits of intergenerational programs for young people, older adults, families and the community as a whole. These include increased confidence and self-esteem, decreased stress and loneliness, a greater sense of community and neighbourhood trust, and reduced age discrimination. Projects contribute to the positive mental health and wellbeing of all participants.


What does an intergenerational project look like?


Intergenerational programs usually involve children or young people up to age 25, and older adults over 55. Projects can be in any area of interest, including music, physical activity, community improvements, mentorship, arts and crafts, technology, gardening or cooking, to name just a few ideas.


If you are interested in joining an intergenerational project or are involved in a group that may benefit from having an intergenerational component added, we'd love to hear from you! You can email or phone 506-292-1580. You can also message us through Facebook @capitalyouthhub.


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