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Yoga Break Monday March 7th 

Elementary Wellness Activity -  Tuesday March 8th 

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Yoga Break Friday March 11th 

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March Break Events:

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Current Events
Mental health peer support workshops for high schoolers
Better Together Intergenerational choir
Art exhibit - Creative arts are good for our mental health

Parent Peer Support Group youth-led mental health advocacy group

Coming Soon
Art Club for mental wellness
Better Together IG program at York Care Centre

In Development
More intergenerational projects

Past Events

Intergenerational gardening group
Collaborative art project with Imprint Youth.
Summer Mental Wellness Programs.
Intergenerational Program with Stepping Stone Senior Centre.
Transition out of High School workshop series.
Photo Scavenger Hunt for Frostival.
Online Self-Care Toolkit Workshop.
Zumba fitness with Corey at the YMCA.

Brighter Days campaign with CRMHAA.
Holiday Card fundraiser with local young artists.
Winter Wellness event with youth advocates.

Mental wellness activities and events - March Break.

For more details email

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